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1996  M.F.A Dept. of Oriental Paintings, Hong-Ik University, Seoul

1991  B.F.A  Dept. of Oriental Paintings, Hong-Ik University, Seoul



1999  The Grand Prize, MANIF Seoul 99
          Excellence Award, Art Exhibition of Sosabeol

1996  Excellence Award, The 16th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea


Selected Personal Exhibitions

2018  "Sensory Portrait," The House of Fine Art, London, UK

2017  "Seeds of the Universe," The House of Fine Art, London, UK

2016  "Seed Universe 天下圖," Dennos Museum, MI, USA 

2015  "宇宙的种子(Seed Universe)," 三玄社 Arte Place, Guangzhou Opera House, China

2013  Art Karlsruhe 2013, Karlsruhe, Germany

2012  Gallery K, Seoul

2009 Insa Art Center, Seoul
         Seoul Auction Gallery, Seoul

2008  “Golden Eyes”.  Coex, Seoul

2004 “Plant Sense”. Heiri Art Village, Paju
          Insa Art Center, Seoul

          THE SOCIAL gallery, Seoul

2003 Chuiong Art Gallery, Gapyung     

2002 Insa Art Center, Seoul

         KCAF, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

         Wobong Art Gallery , Taegu

2001 Myungdong Gallery, Seoul

2000 Seongkok Art Museum , Seoul

1997 Seonam Art Museum, Seoul

1996 Jongro Gallery, Seoul

Selected Group Exhibitions


2018 "Korean Contemporary", Opera Gallery Seoul, Korea    

        "Made in Asia, " Opera Gallery NYC, USA 


2017 "Paper Revelation," Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Foundation, NYC, USA 

        "A Sustaining Life," Bergdorf Goodman, NYC, USA 

        "Dismantle The Core," Elaine L. Jacob Gallery, Wayne State University,

         Detroit, MI, USA        

         "Re: Collection," Waterfall Gallery, NYC, USA 

        "The Monaco Masters Show, " Opera Gallery Monaco, Monaco   

        "Light & Shadows," Opera Gallery Beirut, Lebanon 

2016  "A Sustaining Life," Waterfall Gallery, NYC, USA 

         "Mastery of Craft," Opera Gallery Miami, FL, USA 

         "The Assembly: Cumulative Practices in Contemporary Art, ", Opera Gallery, Hong


        "Summer Art Loft," Bergdorf Goodman, NYC, USA 

        "The Need For My Care," Watefall Mansion & Gallery, NYC, USA

        "Touch of KOREA," Kalman Maklary Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

        "Shade of Blue," Opera Gallery Monaco, Monaco          


2015 "Regeneration," Opera Gallery, Paris, France

        "The Unit," Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju, Korea 

        "Endless Art7," Brown Gallery, Seoul       

2014  Art Karlsruhe 2014, Karlsruhe, Germany         

         Estee Lauder Pink Art Exhibition, Ara Art Center, Seoul

2010  Kangjin Celaddon Art Project, Kangjin

2009  “Echanted Gallery”2008, Kimhae Arts Center, Kimhae

2008  “Flower bloom birds”. Duru Art Space, Seoul

2006  “A Journey to Poem”, Insa Art Center, Seoul

2005  “My Private Gallery”. Kana Art Center, Seoul

2004  “Light of Contemporary Art”. Kim-Okgil Gallery, Seoul
2003 “ Trip of Painting to Poetry”, Insa Art Center, Seoul

2001 'Infinite Language' . Baekrok Gallery, Seoul

2000 The 14th YeoBaik Exhibition, Kongpyung Art Center. Seoul

1999 The 13th YeoBaik Exhibition . Hanwon Gallery. Seoul
         “Korea! - Korean rising again”. Gallery Sang, Seoul

1998  “Next Generation Formative Art”. Seoho Gallery. Seoul
         “21st century View of Korean Painting”, Seokyung Gallery. Seoul
          The 12th YeoBaik Exhibition, Deokwon Gallery. Seoul

1997 The 16th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, National Museum of

         Contemporary Art, Seoul
         The 11th YeoBaik Exhibitio, Insa Gallery, Seoul

1996 “Waweon”, Kongpyong Art Center, Seoul
         “Korean Contemporary Art: The Present and Future”. Kowoon Art

           Museum. Seoul

          The 15th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, National Museum of  

          Contemporary Art, Seoul

1995  “Pil Mook”. National Museum of Contemporary Art., Seoul

1994 The 13th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, National Museum of

          Contemporary Art, Seoul
          “Clear Consciousness”. Woonggen Gallery, Seoul

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