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-Q: Is the surface of this artwork paper-fragile?  

 A:  Not at all. Several thousand seeds compose an Ilhwa Kim's artwork. Each seed feels like soft wood unit carved delicately rather than paper sheets when you touch them. The surface feels very tight and has durable tensions.   


-Q: How can I take care of Ilhwa Kim's paper sculpture?  

 A: The same way as oil painting artwork.  Both inside and outside of each seed are covered by oil painting varnish three times. The surface of artwork is to be protected from sunlight, dust, and moisture. 

 1. Ilhwa Kim's artwork is composed of several thousand basic units (called 'seed'). Each sheet of paper can be fragile, but the basic paper units (combination of straight lines and circles made by several layers of paper sheets) of Ilhwa Kim's work are quite solid.  You cannot easily cut the each basic unit even by knife.  


2. For the protection of surface from sunlight and moisture, both inside and outside of each unit is covered by oil painting varnish three times.  So the each unit surface is not paper-fragile and it feels as if you touch a soft wood piece carved delicately.


3. When the thousands of units are packed to compose each artwork, their tension between thousands of basic units makes the artwork even more solid and durable. 


 4. In result of above points, you can take care of Ilhwa Kim's artwork like regular oil painting work due to the very solid surface protected multiple times.  If your space can be dusty, then you can use air spray to clean them off once a year.  


5. There are collectors who use acrylic frame to cover the top surface as well. However, direct tactile communication w/ this artwork can be quite rewarding.  This artwork can be enjoyed enough at close up distance as well as distance view.  

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